Be carefull to upgrade AppController 9 to XenMobile 10

March 10, 2015

Citrix XenMobile 10 delivers mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise-grade productivity apps in one comprehensive solution. XenMobile 10 enhances the user experience on BYO or corporate devices without compromising security.

One of the main features of XenMobile 10 is to provide users with a single sign-on (SSO) experience to SaaS apps. You can for example easily enable apps for SSO by using application connector templates.

So, why be carefull to upgrade AppController 9 to XenMobile 10?

Within the older versions there was an embedded Receiver for Web available in the AppController part of the solution. Since XenMobile 10 this function has been removed! Therefore the SSO experience to SaaS apps is only availabe from mobile devices and no more from a Windows PC using a web browser.

I hope it’s a matter of time before Citrix adds this functionality back to product. Till that time be aware of this missing feature and do not waste your time to something that doesn’t exist (anymore).

Experience from the field after upgrading to Citrix XenApp 7.6

December 23, 2014

In this article I want to share my experience after upgrading an existing customer’s Citrix XenApp 7.5 site to Citrix XenApp 7.6. The main reason for this upgrade relies on a memory leak within the Citrix XenApp 7.5 Desktop Delivery Controller component.

XenApp 7.5 Memory Leak

Although there is a XenApp 7.5 private hotfix available for this issue we decided to upgrade the environment to the next level. The video below gives a short impression of the upgrade process from Citrix XenApp 7.5 to Citrix XenApp 7.6

After upgrading the Citrix infrastructure components the memory leak is disappeared. However we still get another two issues to deal with. One of them is related to the Citrix Receiver configuration using single-sign-on. The second one seems to be another bug within the Citrix software.

If XenApp-based (MetaFrame Presentation Server (MPS)) licenses are used for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6, the following incorrect License alert message might appear in Citrix Director:

“Required product licenses are not installed. Licenses were not found by this product.”


For this specific issue there is a public hotfix available at: CTX141581

Everything else seems to work fine after the upgrade!

RES IT Store Feature Release 2 update process

November 5, 2014

A few weeks ago RES Software announced IT Store 2014 Feature Release 2 (FR2). Dave Bryant, Senior Product Manager at RES Software, wrote a nice blog article about some of the new features.

RES IT Store is a great solution that really empowers your User Based Computing environment with IT-as-a-Service. The video below shows you the technical implementation part of Feature Release 2 of RES IT Store 2014 (a full new installation looks very similar). As you will see it is quite simple to start using RES IT Store in you own organization.

This means that you can quickly benefit from functions as password reset, appstores, user account onboarding and offboarding, integration with Mobile Device Managment and much more. So, from a technical point of view there is no need to be afraid start using RES IT Store 2014 very soon.

Keynotes from TechEd and VMworld Europe 2014

October 31, 2014

In the past weeks there were two great events from Microsoft and VMWare. Both events, held in Barcelona, are visited by many people.

Unfortunately it is not possible for everyone to visit such event. But, there is still a possibility to get an insight experience from all new technology that is presented there.

TechEd is Microsoft’s ultimate technology geek fest for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers looking to explore a broad set of Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. TechEd delegates arrive expecting to further their knowledge to a level that others in their field simply won’t have.

View the keynote of TechEd Europe 2014

VMworld brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals to immerse themselves in the latest in virtualization and cloud technology. Realize value in leading products, interactive sessions and networking opportunities with partner ecosystem, all under one roof.

View the keynote of VMworld Europe 2014

Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6 Available Now

September 30, 2014

This version of XenApp and XenDesktop includes new features that make it easier for users to access applications and desktops and for Citrix administrator to manage applications:

    The session prelaunch and session linger features help users quickly access server-based hosted applications by starting sessions before they are requested (session prelaunch) and keeping application sessions active after a user closes all applications (session linger).
    Support for unauthenticated (anonymous) users means users can access server-based hosted applications and server-hosted desktops without presenting credentials to StoreFront or Citrix Receiver.
    Connection leasing makes recently used applications and desktops available even when the Site database in unavailable.
    Application folders in Studio make it easier to administer large numbers of applications.

Other new features in this release allow you to improve performance by specifying the number of actions that can occur on a Site’s host connection, display enhanced data when you manage and monitor your Site, and anonymously and automatically contribute data that Citrix can use to improve product quality, reliability, and performance.

For information on all key features new in this release, see the Citrix Product Documentation:

New in this release

Visit IT Culinair 2014 and see IT Store in action

August 21, 2014

For the fourth time ‘De Ictivity Groep’ presents IT Culinair, a dutch IT event with several strategic sessions. IT Culinair 2014 will take place on the 1st and 2nd October 2014 at a new location “Kasteel Ammersoyen te Ammerzoden”. This year’s theme is “Back to the Future”.


One of the sessions I will present goes about RES IT Store.
This is one of the solutions that perfectly matches our User Based Computing (UBC) vision.

Unfortunately many people think that IT Store is just like another AppStore.
During my session I will show you that IT Store can do much more than only deliver Apps.


Self-Service Password Reset
One of the most populair issues at each servicedesk is Password Reset.
IT Store can help you every minute of the day in resetting your password.

Password Reset

On-boarding and Off-boarding User Accounts
Another frequent task of an IT department is to manage User Accounts. Not only for Active Directory but also for Cloud Apps such as Salesforce and Office365. IT Store can help automate these activities, even with your own Human Resource Management solution as source.


Other IT Store Features
Except the above described functionality the IT Store demo will show you some of the new and advanced features such as Service Ratings, Mobile Device Management Integration, Mailbox Provision, Workflow Management and much more.


Register for IT Culinair 2014
If you didn’t already register for this event than this is your moment!
I am absolutely sure you won’t miss the future of IT..

Registration is possible via:

RES IT Store Certified Professional 2014

August 8, 2014

This week I received three new certificates from RES Software.

This means that my official RES Certification is updated to the most recent version. The best for me is to become an RES IT Store Certified Professional. So, if you are looking for any help on implementing RES IT Store in your own company, please let me know!

RES IT Store Certified Professional

How to save Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Modern User Interface Tiles Layout using RES Workspace Manager

July 28, 2014

In Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 the Menu Start is different from Operating Systems before. The picture below is an example of the new Menu Start or Modern User Interface (MUI) and also called Tiles interface.


To be able to save a customized Modern User Interface for the end-user you have to specify the following locations under User Settings in the RES Workspace Manager Console:

%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms.bak (optional backup file)

The specified files contains all database information for the Modern User Interface Menu Start. If you only want to save the Modern User Interface Tiles layout your job is finished now.


If you also want to specify a custom Modern User Interface and set as default for all users you have to take some additional steps. Logon with a sample user, define the default Tiles within your Menu Start and logoff. Now you can search the MUI database file from the sample user User Settings using workspace analysis. Workspace analyses can be found in the RES Workspace Manager Console under Diagnostics panel.


The last step to take is to copy the MUI database file to the default user profile. In case you have chosen for a mandatory profile you can put it there. In my case the mandatory profile is included in RES Workspace Manager and stored under custom resources.


That is all to configure to save Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Modern User Interface Tiles Layout using RES Workspace Manager. And last but not least make people happy having freedom and ownership of the new Menu Start look-and-feel.

Citrix XenMobile 9.0 – Available Today

June 30, 2014

With new streamlined workflows, mobile productivity apps, and stronger security, XenMobile 9.0 changes how users get work done and reduces security risks on iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Release Highlights:

- Enhanced user experience with redesigned WorxMail and WorxWeb

- Save time with customizable inbox management capabilities

- New Worx productivity apps – WorxNotes, WorxEdit, and WorxDesktop (Tech Preview only)

- Enhanced security with cross platform FIPS compliance for iOS and Android

- Bulk enrollment for iOS devices

- Improved battery life with new background app refresh capabilities

- Windows 8.1 support for MDM/Windows Phone 8.1 support for MDM, WorxMail and WorxWeb

How does a Tech Preview work?
WorxNotes, WorxEdit and WorxDesktop are available on as Tech Previews on XenMobile Enterprise Edition customers are entitled to download, test, and evaluate the apps. The apps are scheduled for GA in Q3, 2014.

De Ictivity Groep Honored with the RES IT Store Award

May 12, 2014

With this post I want to inform you that De Ictivity Groep is officially recognized by RES Software being a valuable consulting partner for RES IT Store.

Congratulations to De Ictivity Groep and many thanks to RES Software to make this happen!


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